Saturday, June 27, 2020

Presidential Candidate Chance Trahan gives you exactly what you need to fire back at the Incumbent President’s supporters.


The Trump Administration Exposed

Why was the JFK Assassination report Donald declassified so heavily redacted?


Friday, April 24, 2020


Have you ever watched the Political News recently and wanted to understand what you’re seeing beyond the pale?

I’m going to explain this to you the best I can and make this as easy to digest as possible.

Revealing Truth About Trump [And The False Prophecy]


Trump Is Straight Up Terrorizing We The People

He flat out released Epstein from incarceration, and not through death, he helped him escape. I’d love to believe that he’s on our side, but he’s an actor, there’s no way to say he’s not. This is all a play, and the stage is the White House. He’s turned the entire White House into some sick reality TV show. I’m absolutely horrified by what I’m witnessing. He’s been using the media and Twitter to get the administration under his command to play ball, but then plays innocent like he’s not doing anything, and he will never ever admit that he’s wrong. That’s an enormous issue.

Sheriff’s 2020 Campaign Gains Momentum Giving Chance Trahan An Even Better Shot At The White House [Nonpartisan Presidential Candidate Chance Trahan To Take The Stage]

Monday, March 2, 2020


Having the air filled with corruption and greed has this presidential candidate on edge and ready to take the stage.

“I can’t possibly take it anymore,” Chance Trahan exclaims.

The momentum is picking up for his campaign and the people are on his side. People are looking to Chance as someone who can be trusted to make this nation a better place for everyone regardless of race. The people are talking and the buzz is getting a little hard to ignore. With this candidate pitching in whenever he came to help his community in any way possible, they are starting to think he’s out of this world for his contributions to society alone.

Sheriff Trahan’s presidential campaign is on the minds of people everywhere from all across the world. Even India is talking about this campaign under–the–radar fresh post Trump’s recent visit where he helped benefit big agriculture farming, and believe us when we say that’s bad. Just follow Chance Trahan on Instagram and check his stories. He’s posting about this kind of thing all the time.

Trahan’s campaign is currently working with lobbyists who are interested in putting Chance into the media, and you can expect a lot of truth to come out into the open that will enlighten you. It’s no surprise what you might learn from this candidate when he talks about the election, but the details are what will really shock you. And while we won’t get into all the details now, we’re excited to see what this 2020 candidate has to say for himself. Just following the Chance Campaign on Twitter alone is a real eye–opener. He’s seen his fair share of things and when something pops up in the media that he doesn’t like (which tends to be a lot) he usually takes right to Twitter to set the record straight.

Chance is quoted as saying, “You might be shocked to learn that satanism and pedophilia are tightly woven into politics. And it gets even much more worse than that. I’ll be discussing these things in the media soon and I can’t wait for you to see what all I’m going to uncover and what I am planning to do about it. But first thing’s first…. When I get into office, we’ve got to make fixing the roads everywhere around here mandatory. This is nuts! We have some of the worst driving conditions ever!”

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Chance Trahan, US Presidential Candidate [changes the game on rockstar politicians]

Friday, January 17, 2020

Chance Trahan 2020 calls Donald Trump a RINO

LOS ANGELES - Jan. 14, 2020 –– With Twitter giving Politics and MSM nowhere to hide, Chance Trahan, who is a 2020 US Presidential Candidate, is making quite a scene and giving all of his opponents a run for their money. No one will admit that Chance has chosen a more traditional route than all the rest of the candidates when campaigning for US President, and that it’s actually working. He’s taking his campaign and information one person at a time, and results show that the people are reacting to what he’s got to say. He’s a candidate who’s not taking any big money at all to compete and he’s certainly not shy to speak his piece.

“Sad that no one wants to debate me as a candidate, in fact, they’re quite afraid to. Just look at how many candidates have dropped out already. No one wants to support someone that got caught by me and other independent journalists bold–faced lying about scandals in the media. I don’t do like they do, I get all my campaign’s donation money from locals and I’m taking a real Grassroots effort to campaign for 2020 Presidency. The truth will come out if I enter a televised debate, and you can believe me when I say these corrupt politicians don’t want you to witness that. They’re so desperate to avoid me being put into a position–of–power that there’s over 20 Democratic candidates running just to make sure that I stay undiscovered – but here I am, shining,” he stated.

“Trump has turned the White House into one big Reality Television show. Look, if you think that Donald is a Republican, then you might want to think again. He’s been a lifelong Democrat. You don’t just wake up one day and suddenly decide that you’re a different party. It’s not that easy. Trust me, I tried. Trump is a RINO (Republican In Name Only) through and through, like I also suggest that McCain and Mitt Romney is, and boy, does The Donald have a lot of people fooled. I’m a lifelong Nonpartisan, which is the choice of the Military. My whole family is Republican though, hence how I’m so good at spotting a RINO.” Trahan continued.

Chance Trahan’s party preference seems to be a pretty bold choice, considering that the path he chose leaves voters tasked with actually having to write his name on the ballot – should they decide to take a chance on Chance in the voting booth this November.

Learn more about Chance Trahan’s Presidential Platform:

Chance Trahan


Sunday, October 6, 2019

Hi, I’m an introvert and these are my confessions:

💭I’m addicted to women that objectify themselves for money. But not in the way that you’d think. I’m drawn to severely damaged people, like me. I try to fix them, I try to save them, and I desperately try to help them out of the situation they’re in.

This always puts me into precarious situations that I’d rather not be in. It’s rather self—depreciating and thought consuming behavior that always does more damage than good. I do not like myself when I’m behaving like this either. Many people have taken advantage of this weakness.

I deserve better than sacrificing my happiness just to save someone that isn’t worth my time & attention, when I could be using this time & attention tending to my own life & doing what’s good for me. But instead I’m fanatically giving them the best of me that they don’t deserve.

I’ve put my entire life on hold for other people who “need” my help, yet refuse to pay me for my time. I’ve sacrificed years of my life in order to learn what I now know and to get where I am today, and I expect to be paid handsomely for all of my years of experience and education.

I’m past the point of caring what other people think about my qualifications. Their thoughts are their own limitations and their opinions are mere projections, and the last I checked— a hologram isn’t real. I seek substantiality and structure in my life and won’t stop until then.


Friday, October 4, 2019

Just in time for Halloween.


Wednesday, October 2, 2019

[Oct 1st 2017: Route 91 ‘harvest’ country music festival shooting]

Download the PDF version of this Las Vegas Oct 1st investigational report

While in Clark County, Las Vegas, Nevada in 2016 I had noticed strange activity that had led me to believe that there was going to be some sort of terrorist attack on the town’s people or tourists visiting. Upon following this instinct, I had performed a search on
Google and found 3 key facts that had seemed somewhat credible.